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The Ministries of our Church
Local ministry is the reason that the church was established. Our different ministries are needed to reach out to the community and our neighbors to help meet their needs and to share the Gospel with them. We invite you to become involved so that your spiritual gifts and talents might be used to glorify God. You will have the opportunity to share what God has done for you personally with others. The church always needs faithful workers to accomplish God's work, so that we can all go home to be with Jesus. Whether it is joining in our community service or becoming part of the youth ministry we want for you to find a place to serve and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

So please be sure that you look at the ministry opportunities that we have available. Everyone can do something, so we feel certain that there is a ministry that is suited just for you!

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Upcoming Events

Prayer Meeting - Sep 26, Wed 6:30 PM
Evangelism Council Meeting - Oct 6, Sat 1:30 PM
Sunday Supper Club - Oct 7, Sun - Sunday Supper Club. Come fellowship with your church...
AD Council Meeting - Oct 11, Thu 5:30 PM
Church Board Meeting - Oct 11, Thu 6:30 PM - All church members are welcome to attend.
Homeless Outreach - Oct 13, Sat 1:30 PM - Please come join our homeless outreach program and...