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Our Youth Ministry is an intregal part of our mission for the Lord. We understand full well that our youth are the next generation of God's family. It involves more than our weekly Sabbath School classes. Our Youth Ministry seeks to offer support and encouragement to our young people during the most critical times of their Christian experience. The devil is hard at work trying to destroy the Christian faith and he knows that if he can mislead the youth he can control the generations to come unchallenged. We want to be sure that the our young brothers and sisters are well grounded in their faith with the Lord Jesus Christ. We try to offer them fun and interesting activities that capture their interest and strengthen their spiritual resolve. We also encourage them to participate in the outreach ministries that we support, so that they can sharpen their social and witnessing skills.

To provide an environment where young people can feel safe and comfortable about sharing and exploring their faith is the main goal of our Youth Ministry. We want them to feel free to ask questions and openly express their concerns about life's challenges. Of course, it would not be a good Youth Ministry without plenty of social time and lots of fun.  Please check out the calendar for our next event.

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